Hey I’m Matt.

Here’s my story. 

I built a couple side projects like this, and this, but I’m probably best known for being the prev. CEO of Agora Labs.

I’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build my first startup (Agora Labs), taken part in accelerator programs, then scaled the platform to thousands of users alongside my best friends.

Almost exactly a year later, I sold Agora Labs to a company called Talent Protocol (a $50M company). After selling it, I worked at Talent Protocol as ‘Tokenomics Developer’ for a couple months leading the tokenomics in preparation for $TAL launch.

The acquisition got me featured in publications including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg etc.

Post-acquisition, I’m working on 4 new adventures:

  1. 🧩 building the most overpowered group of young tech people [waitlist]
  2. ✨ becoming a x10 software engineer [progress]
  3. 🎖 making my life public to ~2K reader [my tracker]
  4. 🤫

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Last edited: December 2022