Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come, and I don’t truly take a step back and appreciate it all.

Similar to my failures list, I’m outlining the major events with in each respect year.


/ More to come…/

  • Accepted into ZFellows Inaugural Crypto Cohort (< 1% acceptance)
  • Accepted into Greylock Tech Fair 2022
  • Accepted as a Venture Fellow at Republic
  • Accepted as a MLH Fellow (declined my offer)
  • Accepted into Envision Founder Cohort 5
  • Accepted as a Microsoft Tech Mentee
  • Accepted as Emerging Talent Fellow at Pangea
  • Joined AlphaMint, and DeveloperDAO
  • Started working at Curious Cardinals as a Web3 Mentor
  • Won a Ledger Nano X from Newton Exchange
  • Startup Progress at Agora Labs:
    • Got my web3 startup acquired 
    • Raised 100k+ from VC’s and Blockchain Grants
    • Hired 3 devs from Waterloo, and 1 growth from Google



  • Accepted into GenZ Scouts
  • Accepted into VC Factory Fellowship
  • Accepted into MLH Fellowship
  • Accepted into the RippleX Venture Fellowship
  • Joined Virtually (YC20) as a Growth Lead
  • Joined Facebook/Meta as a Creator Economy Extern
  • Reached 1K+ weekly email subscribers for my Building a Digital Brain Newsletter (now called Web3 Club)
  • Hired my first personal assistant
  • Co-Founded [BitPerks (now Agora Labs)]( – a platform to have creators reward their fans with exclusive content on the DeSo Blockchain
    • Reached a $500K+ USD Market Cap in 72 Days
    • Received a $50K grant from a fund by a16z and Coinbase
    • Launched a professional personal website
  • Hired and trained 8+ team members from around the world to work with me on my ed-tech startup



  • Built a 4-figure online cohort-based course on Accelerated Learning
  • Built a ‘Live w/ Matt’ Instagram Show where I interviewed top performers and thinkers on how to learn effectively
  • Founded a profitable edu-tech company helping students learn skills faster
  • Graduate from High School with a 97% average