This is the opposite of my accomplishments list, and is an ever-growing catalog of areas that

I’ve failed in. Every once in a while a do a deep dive of my recorded failures to see the lessons

I’ve learned from them.



Had a short-term career identify crisis

Created: buy & sell marketplace for textbooks for Universities, but it wasn’t scaleable


Planned to launch a podcast and even interviewed multiple guests, but I found the time to

monetize to growth ratio wasn’t worth the full commitment

Wasn’t able to truly manage developers to make meaning work on my startup

Focused on too many projects at a time, and never truly progress in one area In

Failed to make recurring and sustainable revenue through my products

Wanted to reach fluency (B2) in French but failed due to many other projects clouding my


Procrastinated learning full-stack web development til October

Was rejected at a growth position at a reputable edu-tech startup, after 3 interviews



Over-hired employees at my edu-tech company and had to layoff 20% of the staff due to

budget cuts

Focused too much on unsalable marketing, instead of launching products

Had a “I need to do everything” mentality in my company, leading to high burnout


Didn’t received the highest academic award at my University

Was one of the 3 people in my high school nominated for Valedictorian, but didn’t end up

getting it

Failed to become one of the winners of LORAN $100K scholar (got semi-finalist instead)