Last Updated: July 22, 2021

This is the opposite of my Achievement List, and is an ever-growing catalog of areas that I’ve failed in. Every once in a while I do a deep dive of my recorded failures to see the lessons I’ve learned from them.

Note: This ‘failure resume’ is inspired by Calix Huang


  • Rejected (reached final round) from Delta Fellowship
  • Rejected (reached final round) from Contrary Capital Fellowship
  • Rejected (reached final round) from Y-Combinator S22
  • Rejected from 10K Entrepreneurs
  • Rejected from Milk Road Grant Investment
  • Rejected from Interact Fellowship
  • Rejected from Berkley Blockchain Xcelerator
  • Rejected (had an interview) from ODF
  • Rejected from First Round Fast Track
  • Rejected from Stacks Accelerator
  • Rejected (had initial interview) from Pear Accelerator
  • Rejected from SPC-Script Web3 Fellowship
  • Rejected from Web3 Accelerator from Alliance
  • Rejected (had an interview) from Techquitable Fellowship
  • Rejected from Hyper Accelerator Program
  • Rejected from Google for Startups (had a non-US company)
  • Rejected from Shopify Dev Degree
  • Lost 5-Figures from NFTs



  • Rejected from LaunchPool Web3 Accelerator
  • Rejected from Y-Combinator W21 (without an interview)
  • Rejected from 8VC Fellowship
  • Rejected from Transcend Fellowship
  • Rejected from Tech Stars 21’
  • Rejected (after being a finalist) from Next36
  • Had a short-term career identify crisis (moved from Pre-Med to CompSci)
  • Built a buy/sell marketplace for textbooks, but it wasn’t scaleable enough.
  • Prepared to launch a podcast and even interviewed multiple guests, but I decided that the time to monetize and grow it wasn’t worth the full commitment
  • Wasn’t able to truly manage developers to make meaning work on my startup
  • Wasn’t able to reach fluency (B2) in French due to many other projects taking up my time
  • Procrastinated learning full-stack web development til October
  • Was rejected at a growth position at a reputable edu-tech startup, after 3 interviews


  • Brought too many core team members to my edu-tech company and had to ‘fire’ 20% of the team members due to budget cuts
  • Focused too much on unscalable marketing, instead of launching products
  • Had a “I need to do everything” mentality in my company, leading to high burnout


  • Didn’t received the highest academic award at my high school
  • Was one of the 3 people in my high school nominated for Valedictorian, but didn’t end up getting it
  • Failed to become one of the winners of LORAN $100K scholar (got semi-finalist instead)